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ez2go Complete Bowel Preparation:
Michael Herman, DO; Borland-Groover Clinic Jacksonville, Florida

Purpose:  Colonoscopy remains the gold-standard for screening and surveillance of colorectal cancer.  A complete bowel cleansing is required prior to undergoing colonoscopy. The decision on which bowel preparation to use is not standardized and it varies significantly by providers. The aim of this study was to evaluate the safety, efficacy and overall acceptance of an over-the-counter laxative kit for colonoscopy bowel preparation versus an established over the counter bowel preparation.

Methods:  Patients being evaluated for screening colonoscopy were randomized into the single-blinded study using one of two over the counter bowel preparations,  EZ2go Complete or LoSo Prep™. The primary endpoint of efficacy will be measured by the Ottawa Scale, which assesses physician effectiveness of prep quality and a standardized patient questionnaire will rate patient acceptance and tolerance.

Results:  168 patients were included in the study. Demographics were comparable between the two arms with most patients being female (60.7%).  The rate of successful bowel cleansing as scored on an Ottawa scale were similar (83.5% EZ2go and 81.9% LoSo), with a non-inferiority test p-value of 0.023.  The EZ2go prep was generally better tolerated than LoSo, with most patients noting no / slight taste (71% and 43.9%, respectively).  The most common side-effects nausea and bloating (22% and 20%, respectively) were similar in both arms and there were no recorded adverse events or significant changes in laboratory parameters.  Most patients reported they would take the over the counter prep again (92% EZ2go, 85% LoSo), particularly those individuals who have experience with a previous bowel prep (98% EZ2go, 81% LoSo).

Conclusion:  EZ2go Complete, an over the counter bowel preparation, is a viable option for bowel cleansing.  It is well tolerated by patients, remains clinically safe and offers adequate cleansing of the gut mucosa.

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