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QUESTION - What can I mix ez2go powder products with?

ANSWER - A sports drink (NOT red or purple in color), would be best to maintain electrolyte levels in your body.  Water, juice, tea, or coffee can also be used.     DO NOT USE CARBONATED BEVERAGES

QUESTION - Who do I call if I have questions about my prep products or the process?

ANSWER - Please call your prescribing physician or clinic with any questions.

QUESTION - Are these products gluten free?

ANSWER - Yes, all our products are gluten free and sugar free.

QUESTION - Will ez2go products interact with my current prescription?

ANSWER - It is very important to talk with your prescribing physician regarding drug interactions before taking ez2go products.

QUESTION - What dosing should I follow? 

ANSWER  - Always follow your doctor’s directions, as they would like you to have the cleanest colon possible.

QUESTION - How long does it take for ez2go products to work?

ANSWER  - You should feel the effect of the medication within a few hours - Be prepared for sudden urgency.

QUESTION - Will ez2go prep products make me vomit?

ANSWER - Since we provide a custom combination, our patients rarely report nausea or vomiting as compared to prescription laxatives.

QUESTION - What if I don’t have a bowel movement hours after taking ez2go?

ANSWER  - Contact your prescribing physician.

If you are experiencing any unusual reactions or have any questions regarding your colon prep procedures, please contact your physician’s office or clinic immediately.

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