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Colon Prep Solutions

Ten years ago we recognized a need for a cost effective OTC alternative to Rx colon prep solutions physicians prescribed to their patients. We wanted to create a quality product that would provide patients with convenience, discretion and accuracy, while generating revenue for physicians and clinics.  ez2go custom colon prep kits do just that!  


Annually over 7 million patients are directed to their local pharmacy to purchase over-the-counter laxatives for their bowel prep.  We offer custom combinations you cannot get from branded products, packaged and ready to sell from your office. If you are not cutting out the middleman, your practice is missing out on profits of at least $15-20 per sale associated with each one of these patients. In addition, by consulting with the patient early about prep options, physicians have reported reduced no-shows. 


Don’t want to distribute from you office?  ez2go will ship our products, according to your instructions directly to the patient. Get started using our Product Fulfillment Plan.


ez2go products are professionally customized to your specifications and distributed by Valley Medical Products, LLC,  located in Jacksonville, Florida. ez2go products are now being used by gastroenterologists across the nation.

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